About us

Radio Terminal is a first Slovene web/digital radio station featuring exciting new music, music news, podcasts, reviews, and other stories related to the music presented on the radio. Radio Terminal was established in 2011 with the intention of showcasing new and urban music in an interactive way. The radio provides its listeners with contemporary music and explores its current trends produced by local and foreign artists. Contrary to many commercial radio stations in Slovenia, music is the main focus of Radio Terminal’s efforts. Radio Terminal’s team includes music and (pop) culture enthusiasts who don’t blindly follow the trends but rather discover them and present them to the listeners. They successfully merge their passions with radio and its presence on social media. Radio Terminal is non profit community and it’s determined to broadcast to the world and bring the world to Slovenia, since it features a mix of international and Slovene music and successfully navigates between popular and indie music in collaboration with local music producers, event organisers and other media.

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